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Our snacks and sweets are made from fruit or delicious combinations of fruit with puffed rice.
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Juist fruit

Our snacks are made from fruit. Our production method keeps the orginal fruit's fibers, minerals and vitamins. We only add some puffed rice to our crispy apple flakes for a crispy bite!

No added sugars

We do not add sugar to our products, but fruit naturally contains sugar. The dietary fibres ensure that the natural fructose will be absorbed by the human body at a slower rate. 

no lactose - vegan friendly ;)

Our products do not contain animal substances like lactose or gelatin. We want all kids to enjoy our products.

No gluten

Our recipes are gluten free and do not contain allergens. It may contain traces of gluten, because our products are packaged in an environment where gluten may occur.

We are fruitfunk :)

"Everyday we struggle to convince our children to eat more fruit. Sadly, it isn’t that easy… as father of two children, I know how hard it is to get them to eat as healthy as possible. In 2014 Rob and I founded Fruitfunk, our mission: creating fun and tasty fruitsnack concepts which are more healthy for our children. By using real fruit in our products, we offer fruit snacks that still contain the dietary fibres, vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in fruit. Fruitfunk is the most responsible and healthy alternative in store. I promise!”

  – Daan Schapendonk, co-founder Fruitfunk    

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